Original bronze with lost wax, polychrome patina. Sculptures numbered and signed by the artists Mazel & Jalix.

“Life in its most simple form, abundant, radiant, producer and creator…”

Using the capacity of bronze to accentuate the meeting of form and depth illustrates the intention of Mazel & Jalix’s work, to bring to light the simplest aspects of life.

Placed on boxes, pedestals, and plates, the fruit stands solid without appearing lifeless. As in the Garden of Hesperides, where the fruit at the center is waiting, ripe, to be picked and tasted, not an object of conflict but one of pleasure, so does the bronze become a living object of desire.

However, to the attentive viewer the inescapable fact is that, before their eyes, some signs of decay are already visible. The fruit appears too ripe, oozing and caving under its own weight. The decomposition has already settled in, leaving its stain on Mazel & Jalix’s artwork. The creation of the piece, therefore, becomes its end, its decay, and finally the fruit returns to the earth, in an eternal renewal of its own creation.

Mazel & Jalix, through the bronze animal’s representation, create figureheads, protective talismans which watch over “the extraordinary garden” and explore the movement between signifier and signified. Indeed, more than their figurative reproduction, is the sense that they carry which justifies their occurrence in the artists‘s artwork.

Power, beauty, harmony and vitality, a lot of symbols that exist in this primitive paradise, symbolized by “a cup of abundance”. A marker where we can revel in an immense formal and conceptual freedom.

The Pelican, archetype fixed and mobile, is nourishing and saving, the mythical guard dog, loyal and shrewd, the Shar Pei with “the glass skin”, the penguins protective maternal model, they reign over the garden to deliver their hidden secret.

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